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Side comment about sharpness and PM...

david weaver
i noticed that (pardon for not looking up the name or reading back through the posts) the maker of the loopy plane mentioned that M4 PM (unless it was someone else) seemed to take greater sharpness than other more standard steels, and presumably since the initial sharpness of everything is very transient, that's probably more related to sharpness in the first long stretch of work.

I was surprised in the first test that with V11, the initial wear cycle actually left a brighter surface, and subjective sharpness in the cut was better than my carbon steel irons. That may be due to slower wear, as well as the strange habits of the tsunesaburo iron to lose chunks. O1 and even the tsunesaburo retained great uniformity, but less brightness. The brightness of the V11 iron left later in the cycle, but it eventually went, too. The first couple of hundred shavings, it was so reflective off of the wood that to plane a surface with no defects at that level would've been almost impossible.

But i'm surprised to see the sharpness comment and would've written it off without this cycling of irons that I was doing through the same test piece. I wouldn't have believed it and may not have noticed it without moving irons through the plane every 200 feet.

I didn't notice it with 3V, but test 2 will see if that remains. 3V was also in an older record plane, so it was hard to really judge how it felt against others with no differentiating variables.

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