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Re: Another iron provided - CPM M4

david weaver
Thanks, Derek. I look forward to testing it. Phil has done the heavy lifting preparing the iron in general (I still haven't looked at it, but I trust that will be the case) and as a bonus, provided a "good" cast plate for other testing, which I've never had. I can probably document the edge finish on wood vs. cast just for visual entertainment (I don't anticipate that the gentler wood effect or higher level of visual polish on wood would have any material durability effect).

I'll prep it to the same 35 degree bevel as the others (mostly 33 degrees and tiny 35 degree final polish bevel) and we'll see how it goes.

Hopefully uneventful. Testing is a pretty comfortable thing due to the stipulation (only until the plane materially comes out of the cut), but the potential for 4000 feet from two planes is "going long".

I expect the second test in maple (being held up by waiting for a hand scope to take pictures of the bevel side of the irons) may clear up (3V vs. V11) whether or not we should expect that those two are comparable or if V11 just lasts longer in good conditions in two different woods, and the CPM M4 is probably academically the longest expected edge life for the curiosity of anyone reading the report and wondering "home improvement" style what has the most horsepower.

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