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Re: Another iron provided - CPM M4

david weaver
Phil Smith has provided one of his dandy CPM M4 irons for me to have temporary custody of and work up against the V11 iron in a head to head test.

There's M4 (very wear resistant, low toughness) and particle M4 (just as wear resistant, much higher bar on the toughness chart).

We'll see. Not sure whether or not to look forward to testing, but pictures will be once every 100 rather than once every 50.

If my hunch is correct, I expect 2000-2500 feet of planing for anything where V11 gets 1500. If those two numbers actually occur, I would be very surprised. Some of these one off head to heads will be in clear cherry because I have a lot more of it. It does seem like getting 4000 shavings out of maple is too risky to try, and i can't imagine curtailing a test of these two irons due to contaminants at 1400 strokes, and then having to start over.

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