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Re: Beech trees are dying, and nobody’s sure why

I just haven't had any real difficulty drying most any woods. It was something I worried about a lot when I first started into it, but it hasn't proven to be an issue at all. I live on the Great lakes which probably isn't as bad as Arizona might be. Though the total range is pretty huge for both humidity and heat. It doesn't hurt that one doesn't feel the loss too badly as the wood is free. Though in reality after tooling up; driving; owning a pick-up; the work; the storage, it is anything but free. I only cut the beech because I couldn't find it at any price. It is a pretty nice wood once one gets to know it.

I don't do anything special, just coat the ends and sticker. I used to keep it out of doors, but really better to have a shed. Only thing that I don't do is rush it.

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