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david weaver
There was a short bump up in supply with ash around here, some local places selling it cheaper than red oak (which is unusual, red oak is like water here - you can often get it green for a dollar a foot).

It seems like the lumber dealers, at least some, have decided that just because they can get more ash than they could ever sell doesn't mean they have any interest in marketing it like it's oversupplied. As in, they could probably get and sell 8/4 ash all day and make some money at $2 a foot. They've decided to price it back to what it was previously.

Horizon could probably tell us - the market for properly sawn 16/4 is probably saturated for half a year or a year with a partial kiln load. the other one-off sellers who try to sell it (or individual blanks) on ebay don't seem to last long.

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