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Re: Beech trees are dying, and nobody’s sure why

david weaver
Not sure if horizon can still get beech. I bought from a couple of batches, but not that long as buying a hundred board feet of it creates a pile bigger than I'm likely to build out of.

But the last batch I bought from was euro. I think beech in 16/4 has to dry very slowly, and i don't know how many kilns horizon has, but I don't think they can afford to tie one up just for that. They had spoilage or loss of some sort (probably due to that) with the last load of american that I remember waiting for and then I got euro sticks that they imported (more supposing).

It's not a horribly hard wood to dry, but there will be checking, end or side, in 16/4 material somewhere, and it molds/spalts easily.

If it goes away, I guess we'll build out of euro. If that goes away, I suppose we'll build out of birch. If that goes away, I think we'll be able to print beech by then.

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