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david weaver
that's what I was thinking of earlier, actually - join it with dovetails and round the outside. It'd be stunning in terms of decoration, but it would limit the radius to much less than the original piece. I think it's a better design with a smaller radius, though - less confusion of curves followed by straight lines to more curves.

A comment from George sticks out in my head every time I see something like that. I'd made a contour on a tool, it was a tight curve followed by a straight line. It didn't look that good and I didn't know why. He instantly said "is it curved, or is it straight lines. It can't be both - that's bad design". paraphrased more or less. I noticed that in any really good work (other than industrial design and later), he's right - such things rarely show up, but they do show up in amateur work quite often because peoples' eyes aren't trained yet.

Part of what makes the original version sort of cheap looking is that big curved radius attached to straight lines. Making it quality and keeping that is the combination that I mentioned - corny looking (a little) from a distance, but could stun people when they get up close and see real workmanship and materials rather than something that is convenient to produce industrially or semi-industrially.

And, Tom, last time you objected to my quoting of George. I hope you don't manage to step in that cowpie again.

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