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Re: An idea for construction ...

david weaver
Well, it's a style that people kind of like and veneer and plywood certainly makes more manufacturing sense than solid wood.

there's not much sold in volume that looks like the coffee table in this picture, but there's a lot of indeterminate bastardized stuff. I don't know that any industrial era has been any different (starting with the commodity furniture with pressed carvings in it that went on for what...40? 80 years? I just got a local desk that looks like it was made in the 80s. it's oak, and from a distance it looks carved. most of the detail is pressed into it. That bastardization of things is pretty much the territory of commodity furniture).

As for the design, that's subjective. I don't know what people ever saw in it, but it's not necessary for everyone to like every style. If derek makes a nice piece that people first think is a commodity piece when they look at it, at least it's half interesting. The joint is so long at each corner that the joinery doesn't really matter (functionally) unless people are staging professional wrestling matches on it.

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