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Re: An idea for construction ...

I wouldn't do the crossgrain thing that would make for an interesting drawer casing, and probably warp on you. You could manage those things but why bother, there is nothing wrong with the design as it stands. Pretty much all the joinery stuff we celebrate is some kind of kluge, we just accept what we already know.

You could vac bag it in veneer and join two clam shells. If you haven't vac bagged you haven't lived.

You could make a stable substrate, then just hammer veneer your veneer on it which ever way you want. That is how they do the sides of pianos, though every scrap of veneer on our Bechstein lifted in those areas. Epoxy would solve that problem. Every scrap of veneer on our trimaran is still where I put it. :) In fact my catamaran went walkabout and passed me at Hwy speed, going east, then hit a light standard. The boat weighs maybe 500, the trailer, and goods and motor, a lot more. Only damage to the bow of the boat which is about 8 mm wide was a dent about the size of my baby finger. Miracle fiber W.

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