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Re: And there's Turpenoid too!

Don Wagstaff
In fact when my goats get a bad case of worms I mix up a recipe from my old Henley's bible using the sap based turpentine. But look, going now back to my schooling days, the topic here at its foundation is going on and on about two distinct products, one, the older, distilled from tree sap and it is determined that the tree giving the highest quality, this qualification coming from the old violin makers and what they used as finish on their strike instruments, is from Larch, http://eol.org/pages/1061656/overview. The other was first marketed as a cheap alternative by Shell Co. and it a distillate of crude oil. When you get the one it is obvious from the smell, when you get the other and the smell is ambiguous probably that indicates additives meant as extenders to basically cut back on production costs and when you get the good stuff taken from tree sap 100% you know it because it smells so lovely and is in that way somewhat addictive.

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