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John in NM
Did you try some Sunnyside brand? I see it around in some of the rural hardware stores out here, and once saw some raw linseed that one ordered by mistake. A couple years later I realized I should have bought that to play with, after reading Stephen's book on oil & other finishes. They still make stuff like raw linseed and gum spirits, but you have to go through Amazon to get it any more - or talk a hardware store into ordering you a case to try out a can :\

I went and looked on Amazon, and the only negative reviews were from a guy comparing it to herbalist quality stuff (roll eyes) and a guy in California who was using the review to complain about CA regs.

My favorite turp is a can I saved from my Dad's house in Tucson. Its an old can of Standard Brands and smells great - I save that for thinning linseed oil, just to make it fun to use. I also have a dipping bucket of linseed for the little bit of production work I still do - had to get a big can of mineral spirits for that.... maybe I should have ordered a 5 gallon turp from Sunnyside :D damn hindsight, eh?

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