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Re: And there's Turpenoid too!

John in NM
Strange, I've never had hardware store stuff that smells either sour or like kerosene. I've had a few cans (out of a few more cans, since I don't use it much) that smelled very pungent on top of the pine smell. But that went away quickly on use, leaving the much stronger pine smell that stuck around for a couple hours.

This was KleanStrip or some other normal brand you pick up at Home Depot or whatever the local hardware place is. I'd always assumed that they just did a lot less refining than they used to, in order to skimp on the bottom line, so some of the nastier smelling volatiles were still in there.

I've read that turpentine was some kind of home remedy - after the days of drilling holes in the head to let out evil spirits, but before the days of antibiotics. Reviving stuff like that just proves PT Barnum right - but I still might look around for a more refined version.... if only they had one for feeding to the cows - then I could pick it up at the local feed store with the mineral oil! :D

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