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Re: And there's Turpenoid too!

david weaver
I probably spent about a half hour of time looking for any mainline brand that didn't have people commenting "smells sour, doesn't smell like turpentine from when I was a kid" or "smells like kerosene".

I couldn't find any - some of them had comments back and forth, but nothing consistent...except the really expensive health food stuff.

I just looked in the reviews and now there are people eating it because some blogger said it would kill candida internally :(

I saw the "bathers" talking about it in the version I bought. The unfortunate thing is that one of the people drinking it posted on the kleen strip listing, and i'm sure that's not made with consumption in mind.

A third poster talked about using the expensive stuff for aromatherapy. It does smell good, but I thought it was toxic! If it gets on your fingers, the aroma has serious staying power. If my son manages to get is fingers in it, he's running around smelling his fingers all night. I don't allow that, but he saw me spill some and ran over and put his hands in it right away. I wasn't even in the house - he's definitely not going to be shop safe while he's a minor at the rate he's going.

I misstated the origin of the only reasonable cost "piney" turps that I found - it's portugal, not poland. $18 for half a litre.

not sure what the function of it is in a gum and dammar resin varnish other than as a solvent, and not sure why the varnish makers are so particular about it, but I don't want to waste several hours to find out, just to save $6 or $7 on a $40 batch of varnish.

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