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Re: There are three turpentines
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There are two turpentines ()

david weaver
The stuff at home depot is boiled from stumps or something, it smells like a petroleum product.

The stuff from art stores is slightly better, but not similar to old real pure gum spirits of turpentine.

There is a third type that will probably be similar to what some remember as a kid. I have found two sources for it - health food stores (apparently, people put it in their bath water - i have no idea why), and a seller from poland (I thin it was poland) on ebay. This is the only turpentine that smells like fresh pine when you open the container, and it has a persistent smell.

I'm sure the others will clean brushes, etc, and they may even make a decent varnish, but if you're doing something where you need true turpentine, or just want to treat yourself to the type that smells good....well, it's $18 a pint from poland or $35 in the united states (shipped).

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