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Re: Varnish Telecaster

Brian Holcombe
It's amazing how perfect they make a guitar body, truly. At this stage it probably has most to do with how much of the process is automated, those things like the transition areas between the neck and body and that of the head and neck are spots that are likely done to near perfection with CNC then blended by sanding.

On my chair I did the same thing, I had to ease a few things where it was just brutal to keep everything extremely crisp. It just becomes and incredible time sink to keep everything sharp to the point that I chose a couple areas to strictly maintain and few that would be better off more easily blended.

When I see their work I see the same thing, they chose a couple spots to keep extra crispy and a couple to relax on. Sometimes the aesthetic of a relaxed transition is very good also.

Truly my favorite tool in the pile is the #4 'precision' swiss made file, its the finest file I have found (Mcmaster sells them) on something I want to keep tight I can work all the way to a finished result, then return with this file and tighten it back up and then just lightly steel wool away the marks and it will be very sharp.

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