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Re: One Hand Trains the Brain to Control the Other

david weaver
Interesting, their comment that the brain is hard wired, so you can work with it a little bit, but can't "rewire", so to speak.

I'm happy to have never had to trouble with it for shooting - I find shooting hard enough (at least to do it well). It seems to be yet another thing that athletic people just do better when it comes to stability and shooting offhand. At the time I was shooting holes in paper relatively often, the concept of shooting with both eyes open was "the thing to do" to prevent fatigue. Even with optics. It was pretty easy to get used to.

I think my view of all of this for woodworking is (not so much with the eyes), that for a hand tooler, it just opens up avenues to keep working. If I could tolerate doing dimensioning with machines, I don't know if I'd have ever thought of it because nothing really seems to bother my stamina other than long periods of mortising (rare) or coping out a large pattern (that's a different issue - stiff fingers).

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