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Re: One Hand Trains the Brain to Control the Other

david weaver
I've never actually sawn with my left hand before recently. I figured it would be impractical for various reasons.

I'm sure it varies by person and by task. What I've found so far is that crosscutting isn't quite as easy left handed, but I'm sure it will be doable. The tasks like ripping and resawing are partially about learning what to do with the saw, and partially about learning what not to do.

In terms of tasks, I can switch hit a baseball (despite being dominantly left handed swinging a bat, and that's despite being right handed in general), but I cannot hit a golf ball right handed for some reason. I thought hitting right handed felt really odd (in baseball), but it's just different feeling.

This may be relatively low value to anyone who isn't dimensioning by hand, but rip sawing and planing left handed and right handed are good things for me (in terms of being able to bang out a two or three hour session of dimensioning and enjoy it at the same time).

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