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Re: Apothecary chest - part two *PIC*

roger lance
Derek.....I hope you know how highly I regard you. You have been.....and will continue to be.....my mentor on the subject of hand tools.

But, like most woodworkers (including you), I have a blended woodshop.....hand and power tools. The subject of the best way to make dados was raised before.....and I felt that this subject could be opened up to some alternatives to the pure hand tool approach.

I'm showing a jig that operates with a power router and straight cutting router bit and guide bushing. I learned of this jig from "the wood whisperer" ( a person upon whom I spend little time).....its a great jig.....fully adjustable from 3/8" dados to dados of a couple inches in width (even finer/greater range of adjustment is possible depending on how you build the jig).....and gives nice snug dados to your work piece......

I highly recommend this jig to anyone who remains plugged in.....if you're unplugged just disregard and have a fine day.

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