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Re: Henry's Chair - Prototyping a Dining Chair

Brian Holcombe
It was well worth the wait, pretty happy with how these perform. I've yet to set the mortiser up for hollow chisels, so I'm excited to see how that behaves at that point. Works nice with a router bit but I can't live with rounded corners. :D

Nice, that sounds about the same as this setup. There is a really big plus to having a wide and reasonably long jointer. It's really nice to be able to work 95% of the material on the machine and have accurate results.

I went with a Tersa cutter head rather than spiral, they set the chip breakers fairly close and it cuts super clean. The big plus is that I can change the knives in about 2 minutes. A shop near me has helical cutter heads and they like them, but I know rotating them is a few hours process.

I made some slab shelves recently, as example, they were so flat that they literally stuck together with a vacuum seal when laid upon one another. I can do that by hand, but doing so is a waste of time in most cases rather than leaving the surface slightly hollow.

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