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Re: Henry's Chair - Prototyping a Dining Chair

david weaver
The fact that you waited to get good equipment is a huge plus. I have junky portable stuff, and initially started off with mid-grade equipment. I guess that sort of thing is fine with kreg jig screw together woodworking, but its capability never matched the space it takes up.

Buddy of mine has older american machines, including a DC 580 (which is really no pearl stock) that he's retrofitted with spiral heads and a rigged dial gauge setup for thickness to the thousandth. Between it and the jointer, you can nail something as close as you want, the surface literally is cleaned off in a single plane shaving and the edges off of the machine are so sharp and crisp that they cut you. I have to wear gloves in his shop.

I could live with a machine like that if I had a reason to spend the money. Like you said, the tiniest bit of snipe, but it's off in a pass. I'm sure the euro machines are even better.

As far as the planes, though, I've never regretted learning to make them. I hope making pocket knives goes as well.

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