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Re: Henry's Chair - Prototyping a Dining Chair

William Duffield
The figure of the quartersawn ash you made the seat from is fascinating. Would you say something about how you chose the wood to get the striped pattern?

Have you seen the technique Sam Maloof used at the tablesaw to build his sculpted seats? It saves some time during the sculpting and also allowed him to use somewhat thinner wood stock for the seat. Basically, it boils down to jointing the edges of the five narrower boards he glued up to form the seat at small angles that resulted in a subtilely curved seat blank. The essence of the process is shown in this photo by another woodworker using Sam's technique:

I don't think you would find it incompatible with your techniques. If you can't figure out the dimensions and angles you would need, I should be able to find my copy of Maloof's book that provides more details.

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