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Henry's Chair - Prototyping a Dining Chair

Brian Holcombe
Good afternoon, hope you are all doing well. Wanted to update you guys on the workshop and my progress.

The kitchen design has moved in stages, in between stages and in the evenings I've had time to work out things like this chair.

My hopes for this design are that I can move toward a moderate level of production work mixed in with my custom work. I'm pretty focused on becoming a bit more known in the furniture circles. Some of my products are like that, being a moderate level of production by both hand and machine mixed in with the more open ended projects.

Along with this has been the incorporation of machinery with handtools, I just cannot meet any reasonable expectation of lead times otherwise. I feel as a handtool commenter I should mention this, but my shop now actually falls more in line with what most handtool woodworkers are doing which is augmenting machinery with hand tools. Truly I'm not sure how one lives without hand tools as even the most careful process by machine still needs hand fitting at least at my level.

So I've added an FS41 Elite S jointer/planer, Felder FD 250 mortising machine and will be adding a duplicator lathe and tilting spindle shaper to the mix once funds allow. Many I hope can see that it lends itself to allowing me to focus more so on the tactile areas of this project, such as the shaping.


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