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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Hi Patrick

While I have made knives like this in the past from old circular saw blades, this particular one is made from a cheap kiridashi. They are plentiful (and cheap) on eBay. I simply added the handle.

I have made from scratch many, many marking knives .. especially ones for detail work such as dovetails. This are more involved. The kiridashi type, however, are simply bars of steel, and even damascus is available very cheaply on eBay as there is little labour involved ...

Of course, there are also very expensive kiridashi knives available, with superior damascus steel and superior edge holding, and made my big names. In practice, for general joinery, I like the Stanley knife that Paul Sellers made popular ...

... while for dovetails I use the knives I designed (and made for a several years) that are now manufactured by Chris Vesper (I have no financial connection) ...

These ones I made ...

Regards from Cape Town


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