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Re: Smashed Knives - what for the handle?

david weaver
Patrick - I work with O1. I don't really need to read any texts about steel and heat treating, as I've yet to have an iron that turned out worse than a commercially made iron.

Except one time, the first time I torch tempered, I learned that the object will hit light straw and when you remove it from the flame, it will keep going.

When it counts, the irons are tempered in my oven.

I gambled on the file, because I don't know what it is, but thin sections of water hardening steel will quench fine in oil. They will not quench fine in water without being sandwiched.

I'm not interested in *reading* more at this point. I'm not interested in discussing how similar novaculite is to silica, I'm interested in doing. The internet is full of too much discussion about what text people should read, and too little of people doing things, learning touch and showing what they made.

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