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Smashed Knives - what for the handle?

david weaver
I'm going to squish a few more small things with my convenient indoor setup.

I haven't yet decided on the handle material, yet, any thoughts?

Easy options would be:
* plasti dip (that has to be considered the high class choice - make it look like it came from harbor freight) :b
* buy a roll of rattan
* cotton thread
* athletic tape
* paracord (that's popular, but I have to admit, I really hate the look in the same way that I don't like to wear shirts with popular logos - personality disorder, maybe - everyone else is doing it).

The geometry isn't right for more traditional options like burnt in wood, and I'm not going to grind it down and fit a wooden handle.

Some of the other knives might be squashed O1 stock, so their handle profile will already be thin, and that's a recipe for discomfort.

What's your suggestion, and please limit it to things you've tried if possible.

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