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(OT) Kamikoto 7-inch Chef’s Knife *PIC*

Chuck Bjorgen
I labeled this as off topic because it’s not a real woodworking topic but also know that knives are frequently discussed here. This was a Christmas gift from my son and I certainly don’t think he paid the suggested retail price of $675. That’s how it’s currently listed on Amazon. Apparently recent coupon offers of 79 percent off on this knife and it’s companion three piece set have caused cries of fake, scam and other forms of negativity. Based on some basic research on the internet I’ve discovered that these knives, while made of Japanese steel, are actually manufactured in China. As for the MSRP, I believe that’s the part of marketing that is misleading. Makes it a lot more attractive when discounted.

With the above in mind, this seems to be a very good knife that comes in a nice wooden case and is delivered extremely sharp. I did not know that most Japanese chef’s knives are single bevel on the right side and that supposedly favors right-handers to the detriment of lefties. I’m a righty. Recommended sharpening is with water stones only and a 1000/6000 grit combo stone is sold for that purpose. Stu’s set should work for me. Curiously, Arkansas stones and steels are not recommended.

The left side of the knife, of course is flat, and the right side has a large bevel about half way down the blade and finishes in a sort of working secondary bevel that is about 1/32 inch. Seems it might be tough to maintain that working geometry but I’ll try. Not wanting to start another sharpening thread but suggestions will be welcomed.

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