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Patrick Chase
I owe you an apology in that case. I thought you were yanking my chain, but was wrong

Spelling out what I said across several posts:

As with everything the answer is "it depends". Like all alloyants Vanadium has a solubility limit in austenite that depends on temperature and composition. In the case of the specific steel that David brought up (Fallkniven SGPS, a stainless) the solubility is so low that the resulting secondary carbides actually accumulate during austenitization (the "hot" part of heat treatment). That's why stainless steels in general tend to have large carbides, and why hardening often makes them worse. It's also why this one in particular would be expected to have large Vanadium carbides.

The steel you cite is quite different, and probably doesn't have undissolved carbides during austenitization. We can't generalize from one to the other.

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