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Re: I've really got to avoid discussions like this

david weaver
Curious, Wiley, if you could provide sort of a two-sentencer about what it was that they were doing that their boss didn't want them to sharpen? Were they doing site work. Architectural or something? Mostly on only a little bit of hand work?

When a boss enters the picture, all reasonability can be off. My dad works at a golf course, which is open during the winter as well as the summer. The owner doesn't like him to run heat or air conditioning (because he doesn't want to pay for it) under the guise that he (the boss) isn't comfortable going in and out of the clubhouse due to the changing temperature. Needless to say, it's not a ritzy course, and older folks who are that stingy about everything aren't uncommon where I'm from.

At any rate, the boss of these guys sounds like he might be in the weeds. Pushing tools that aren't sharp or that are only marginally sharp isn't exactly productive.

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