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Re: I've really got to avoid discussions like this

David weaver
I'm at home today and will sharpen a record plane iron and take a picture of the edge to compare to a plain iron.

The only thing that comes to mind is that they're soft for a laminated iron, and don't last as long as the better unlaminated Stanley irons that I have, but I've never noticed anything to suggest they don't sharpen properly on anything.

It does little good to worry about whether or not you can scratch the carbides in them because they are too soft to hold them in the first place.

Planecraft shows a picture of the grain vs a straw iron and it looks tighter in the pictures, but it doesn't amount to anything in use. Plus, who knows if the pictures are an unbiased sample of a good quality brand x iron. Planecraft is an interesting book, but it is a bit of a puff piece for record.

If you did a comparison ala Brent Beach, you'd find them to fare less well than a good Stanley iron.

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