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Re: I've really got to avoid discussions like this

Patrick Chase
Well, this discussion began as attempt to explain something that some fellow noted when he purchased a metallurgical 'scope and started pointing it at his chisels. If you can convince him to stop then your problems will be solved.

Seriously, I think you make some incorrect assumptions about what I do. I do the vast majority of my sharpening and honing using a fairly basic two-waterstone-and-leather setup. I also steer clear of truly difficult alloys, with the sole exception of my HAP40 chisels (the same ones you have). CTS-XHP/PM-V11 and Blue is about as exciting as I get other than that.

The only lapping film that I use on a semi-regular basis is Chromium Oxide, which is cheap enough that I don't worry about contaminating or damaging it, though as I said in another thread I think that those issues are fairly easy to avoid in any case. I do use diamond compounds and films for initial flattening/setup and much less regularly when I'm trying to wring out maximum sharpness for some reason (for example when I was photographing sections of Brian's AYC offcut a while back).

With that said I have a deep respect for the achievements of modern metallurgy and superabrasives, and I like to learn and experiment (and talk). That's all.

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