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Patrick Chase
Warren, I pointed out that a specific stainless steel that undergoes austenitization in K2 + gamma phase will end up containing Vanadium carbides of significant size (in part because they never dissolve into solution during hardening), that can't be sharpened by SiO2 and will therefore degrade edge-taking.

The Vanadium K2 carbide is Rc90 or so, so that shouldn't be a remotely controversial statement.
It's also a much more limited and precise statement than what you impute to me. In other alloys/situations Vanadium may either remain in solution (no carbides at all) or the carbides may only form during quenching and therefore be quite small and not an issue.

You're either ignorant about this specific topic or engaged in tendentious word-twisting. Neither is a particularly good look for someone of your skills and distinction. You are (or should be) above this.

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