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Re: I've really got to avoid discussions like this

Brian Holcombe
I have some alloyed blades and a host of high carbon steel blades. When I first got the alloyed blades I did expect to be able to use the hell out of them and instead I found myself resharpening them as often as I do the high carbon steel blades.

I like a very sharp edge, I resharpen every 20-30 minutes or so of real planing, doesn't matter if the blade is blue steel, tougou-kou, super white or basic HC.

When I did use them beyond that I found myself forever at the sharpening bench, well beyond the few minutes I prefer to spend. It did me a disservice to use blades to that end.

One of the guys in my Kezurou-kai group went to Japan and shared his experience, they're very keen about sharp edges to say the least.

Goes for any tool really, dull is dangerous.

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