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Warren in Lancaster, PA
I bought a Record #7 plane thirty five years ago to use as a jointer. At that time there were only two choices in new and the antiques were more expensive. It came with a Tungsten Vanadium plane iron. I didn't really like the iron, but a jointer is my least used plane; it is often barely a minute at a time that I use it, so I haven't felt the need to replace it.

Now today I read in this thread that Vanadium steel cannot be sharpened with Arkansas stones, quite a shock after all these years.

It reminds me of when years ago people on this forum were telling me that I could not possibly plane jarrah with a Bailey plane. I'm not talking about just people from Australia; people who had never in their life held a piece of jarrah were saying this. N=1 is a lot better than N=0.

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