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Re: I've really got to avoid discussions like this

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hi David,

I can recall two professional woodworkers, who made many postings to this forum and to Badger Pond back in the day. Both liked alloy steel for their work purposes, including M2. Both would take a diamond hone to work, just in case.

Why alloy? Neither wanted to sharpen on the job. In one case it was work culture ((the colleagues), and getting the stink eye from a ‘we don’t pay you to sharpen’ boss; in the other case, he just didn’t want to stop and sharpen.

Both these guys know steels, know how to sharpen, and know their stuff. Their needs are easily differentiable from those of many on this board, perhaps all of us. And they may have adopted new practices since they posted what I have related above. But that brings up a further point: when we generalize from our own experience, N= 1.


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