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Re: My effort is spent, and I probably won't read

david weaver
You'll have to tell me which of these leads to increased productivity in woodworking. Perhaps along with specialty stones that also do.

Same with knife work and what kind - what practical kind the majority of most knife users would do.

I think knife users are an easy target (so does cliff stamp), because they buy stuff they don't use, and it gets a large cross section of non-makers, who are easily sold on the idea that a piece of aluminum or titanium with a strange CNC profile blade and huge carbides is superior. They're willing to pay a huge premium for it, too. For the most part, they won't use their knives other than for "testing", opening boxes ,and on occasion doing something dopey, like slicing vegetables with a knife that has a 1/4" thick spine - something that is done far better by a small knife with a thin blade that is cheap and easy to sharpen.

If you go to places in the world where people actually do things like clear brush with a knife, there won't be much factory-made expensive stuff found, just as when you go to professional woodworking shops, a lot of the new stuff doesn't appear anywhere. Not because people are set in their ways, but because it isn't better for actually doing anything other than playing.

Where that stuff is markedly better is bulk turning work, planer blades, table saw blades, bandsaw tip blades, cutting concrete, etc. But not woodworking (with hand tools).

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