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Re: My effort is spent, and I probably won't read

Patrick Chase
I think that "all specialty steels are a waste of time" is painting with too broad of a brush.

If you look at CTS-XHP/PM-V11, Cartech took care to control both primary (via PM) and secondary (via formulation) carbide formation. Instead of going all-out for every last bit of performance, they created a steel that has nice wear- and corrosion-resistance while still taking a good edge on basically every common sharpening medium. It even got the "George Wilson seal of approval" IIRC. There are some other similar steels out there that also aim for improved performance without sacrificing usability.

CPM-3V and probably SGPS are in a sort of middle ground with somewhat reduced usability in exchange for further increased performance, while the really exotic steels like CPM-10V or CPM-S90V completely sacrifice usability to wring out every last bit of wear resistance.

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