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My effort is spent, and I probably won't read it

david weaver
but because I'm so contrary, I will probably disagree with myself and read it at some time due to personal goading.

But it goes back, for me, to what I'm going to use to make tools and knives, and what I'm going to use. Until electricity and a lot of heat is involved, all of the specialty metals are a complete waste of time for woodworking, and in knives (aside from corrosion resistance, but the best steel that I've ever seen for general knife use is in the friodur razors - and it doesn't appear in friodur knives, unfortunately).

So, while it's interesting, 90% of the people out there buying nutball knives would be better off with a reasonable sharpening routine, a plain steel, and a little bit of metal polish in case they let it oxidize.

In the days of many tools with little use, though, oxidation becomes permanent damage without regular inspection.

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