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Patrick Chase
A while (weeks?) back I said that Fallkniven SGPS looked a lot like PM-V11.

I was wrong, because I somehow failed to notice the 2% Vanadium content in SGPS. SGPS is probably closer to CPM-3V in terms of wear resistance (good) and ease of sharpening (not so good). It won't be as bad as 3V, but probably no picnic on conventional non-diamond/CBN media.

In case it isn't obvious, I just reread the Verhoeven eBook from start to finish. Highly recommended if you want to carry on discussions about this stuff in an intelligible manner. It isn't as comprehensive as the grad-level materials/metallurgy course I had as an ME, but it's been a long time and the Verhoeven book is a heck of a lot more accessible even to me than my old texts/notes.

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