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Patrick Chase
The Achilles' heel of a laminated blade like the Fallkniven is that the weld itself must necessarily melt and re-solidify. If it isn't done very carefully and with the minimum possible amount of localized heating, then you lose the claimed benefits of their unobtainum "gold" PM steel.

OTOH it may just be that your sharpening setup is having trouble with the Vanadium secondary carbides [*] in that steel. Vanadium forms the hardest carbides of any common alloyant. Recall Steve Elliott's results showing that CPM-3V took a crappy edge on anything but diamond.

[*] Primary carbides are the coarse ones that form during casting, and that determine the overall grain structure of conventional non-PM steels. Secondary carbides are much finer ones that form during heat-treatment (particularly in high-alloy steels that undergo two-phase austenitization, like this one). PM does nothing about the latter.

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