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Re: making something really good...

Josko Catipovic
Absolutely! I'm on my 8th sea chest right now, and loving the (2 yr) journey. It took a few to get size, angles and proportions right, then tills and drawers, then inlay...
It's been a wonderful journey with no end in sight. Only problem is I don't quite know what to do with all the sea chests. I like too much just looking at them and remembering the progression of thought and design that took me each step of the way.
At some point, the trick will be to take lessons learned from the seachests and incorporate them into the next furniture journey. I suppose that's how we all learn and get better.
While we're at it, I'd like to touch on speed and workflow. Long time ago, I got to watch Tage Frid work, and was awed by his speed and precision. So I get a lot of satisfaction of doing something well AND efficiently. As I progress through a sequence of similar pieces, it's a lot of fun to see my efficiency increase. There's also the part of not being afraid of the next crux move, the ability to dive into a tricky part without worry about 'what if's.
Not sure where speed and efficiency juxtaposes with design, but in my mind, they're quite related.

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