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Re: About designing and making

Josko Catipovic
Why does a Krenov cabinet stand out amongst hundreds of his students'? It's really his incredible eye for proportion and yes, beauty. It's only on closer look that shape is seen as beautifully coupled to execution and wood choice.
To me, that is the essence of design. It's an artform, perhaps trained for and refined in art schools. It's a quality I'd very much like to have, but seems to escape me in most pieces I design. I look back and wish the stiles were just a bit wider, or narrower, and this little thing, perhaps just a little more that way. I've built series of project t prototypes, each one learning from previous, and yes, on good days, they do converge towards something more pleasint to the eye. But I have a long way to go.
I would love to learn how to be a better designer, that is decide on piece sizing and proportioning in advance of the first build. I've done it enough to be able to fully appreciate the gift (of design ability) that some folks have and try to work towards some vestige of it. A book on how to help in this process would be invaluable.

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