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Sgian Dubh
David, nowadays I mostly work freelance. I used to be employed full-time in the Higher Education sector up until three years ago, but also designed and made furniture on a part-time basis for clients and for sale through exhibitions and galleries.

Nowadays, in my varied roles, forced on me through redundancy from my teaching role mentioned above, I have a contract three days a week as a joinery apprentice mentor, I do some part-time teaching on furniture/joinery courses as an employee, take on furniture/joinery making projects for local businesses in their workshops, do some occasional well paid consultancy work, and write for money (hopefully) on furniture related topics. I used to write articles for woodworking magazines, but gave that up because the remuneration was not especially rewarding, and some editors could really make a mess of a coherent manuscript, which I found especially annoying (e.g., whole paragraphs moved out of place so that the text made no sense.) Current writing exploits centre on a book it took me some ten or so years to create that a publisher is putting together as I type, with an aim to get the thing to the printer by the end of this year - the book is again in some way related to furniture and woodworking.

Does that help you get a picture of what I get up to? You could also have a bit of a scan of my website, if you haven't already done so. Slainte.

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