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The new sanding and scraping
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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
David, I am not a fan of sanding - not simply because it can round off details if one is not extra careful, but because I am wary of dust (which requires attention of its own). Nevertheless, there is a place for sanding, and it can be faster and easier today than yesterday.

The new "sandpaper" is by Abranet, and is actually a mesh.

I have this also for an old Festo (pre-Festool) ROS I have, which is now about 20 years old. This stuff lasts and lasts. Possibly about 10x longer than sandpaper.

Importantly, I find that one can jump grits: go from 120 to 240. This makes for quicker sanding.

I do not do much sanding. A sheet of Abranet can last me a year! I would rather scrape. For fast removing - with very good finish - my choice is the thick scraper I made from the rear of a 3/16"thick O1 plane blade. This is prepared in 15 seconds on an 80 grit CBN wheel on a grinder ..

You must try this if you have not done so before!

Regards from Perth


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