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david weaver
I think someone desiring uniformity may like the sanded surface better, it definitely absorbs finish better. You're right on the photos, and that's complicated by camera phones, which decide what part of a picture they want and what part the software will eliminate (reflections are almost always eliminated, I'm sure the software determines them to be glare).

The sanded surface absorbs more shellac, thus the darker color. I think over time, it would make little difference in this cherry.

I like the brightness and variation (as long as it's not due to open areas from tearout or poor planing), which seems to be where our difference in opinion lies. I don't stain anything, and don't know anything about that aspect, but would presume most modern staining to prefer sanding unless it's done as a toner. Who knows?

Pretty much what you saw is it. It's a little bit more contrasted in person, but not enough to say that I'd plane if it took longer than sanding or cost more. For some reason, it's an irk to sand something when I end up with a pile of paper - I have nobody to pass that cost on to, and my old middle of Pennsylvania German sense is offended by using things that get thrown away when there is an alternative. To sand this panel appropriately one time (counting the half that I did each session), I worked through probably 50 cents of paper. No big deal, but avoidable.

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