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I've planed tons of plywood as it is the stuff of boatbuilding. Face planing does give me flashbacks to when I planed up the surface of a teak table very early in my woodworking career. Sometimes the veneer will just detach, which is another good reason to use a breaker on that stuff. I have to say that when I pay for veneer faced solid ply I don't particularly like to have to do much finishing, that is the purpose of buying ply, but I am not immune to stains and all that, and some of my projects drag on where the whole project needs a bit of a refresh.

I also like cutting dovetails in ply. One might think that one wouldn't get a good bond, due to end grain. But you get a better bond in the butts, and a tolerable bond everywhere else. The thing is that it isn't so much that endgrain doesn't glue well, it is that loads on an endgrain joint can be higher than on a sidegrain joint since sidegrain splits. When one is making a box, the dovetails don't function as scarf joints, yielding 100% structural continuity, they are just dang strong for what most of our boxes need done, and that pretty much applies to dovetails in plywood boxes also.

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