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Re: Planed vs. Sanded vs Scraped

Obviously there is a difference between sanded and planed, in the UNFINISHED SURFACES. When finished it won't exist one way or another. Except on stuff where the planed surface is the finished surface.

On stuff like pens where you can cut and sand and finish all in one operation, you can get some incredibly polished surfaces off say a skew, but the finish on sanded surfaces can be as good or better, simply because you can take it to any grit you like.

The deal with planes is you get the texture of the abrasive grossed up by the angles and the intersecting planes. You can go all abrasive, no gross up with sandpaper, but it takes far too long, or won't show up in most processes. With something like a knife, you can get the abrasive and no gross up for the angle, so it really shines.

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