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Planed vs. Sanded vs Scraped
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Planed vs. Sanded ()

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
David, here is another example. This is taken from the time I was levelling up the bow-fronted drawers on the Lingerie Chest. The wood is figured Jarrah, with grain running all over the show.

I began by using a skew block plane across the brain, and a small high angle (60 degree) HNT Gordon palm smoother with the grain (The Gordon is about 4" long - a Stanley #3 was too long to use. I needed a short plane to maximise registration) ..

The smoother left tear out ...

I sanded this down with a succession of Abranet grits, starting with 120 and finishing with 400 grit. This is a Mirka hand sander, which is attached to a vacuum cleaner ...

400 grit .. good dust removal ... and the final surface was obtained with a cabinet scraper ...

You can clearly see the difference in the finish between sanded and scraped.

Regards from Perth


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