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Re: Elite Craftsmen - Mutual admiration society... *LINK*

John Aniano in Central NJ
Wow Brian,

I just looked at this thread and saw your response and I'm humbled. All I can say is that it goes both ways! It's not often that I meet a craftsman, no, maybe an artist, as you. Although I've only watch you work at sharpening and a bit of sawing, I can see in you the mark of someone extraordinary. And you are still quite young, so you can continue a good long time making furniture, teaching, etc.

As for a directory for "elite" violin and bow makers, there is a trade organization in North America called the AFVBM(.org) - the American Federation of Violin and Bowmakers. Membership is granted by recommendation by existing members and examples of one's work is judged by the entire membership. The Federation lists all its members on their website and is a who's who of the violin world, at least here in the USA and Canada.

I would guess that there are similar organizations for other specific trades - this is one I'm familiar with.


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