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Re: Elite Craftsmen - Any Directory?

It is one of the features of modern US woodworking that it seems to be poorly organized. Which actually has it's strong sides. Knifemakers, as an example, seem to have guild like elements, and publish regular lists of people who are making things. And there is the annual. Yet you don't have to do any of that stuff yourself, you aren't banned by law from selling if you don't do a 7 year apprenticeship, for instance. The likes of Lee Valley regularly picture on their catalogs excellent work by people of whom I have never heard, and many are from my area. I suspect there are a great number of very talented people out there we never hear about. I think Brian is doing excellent work, and yet he hasn't the book, the video, the whatever it is that would have made someone stand out in the past, pre-internet.

Unless your objective is to be known, why would you waste time on making yourself known? In something like Woodturning, you have such a potential for surplus production that getting known is necessary almost out of self-defense.

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