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Brian Holcombe

Great thread, I'm sure your wife is glad to see the kitchen cabinets on their way. I've been making kitchen cabinets as well and mainly using hand tools but I've deviated significantly from the typical face-frame construction for that purpose. It's a highly labor intensive job when you are not using machines.

Here is some other stuff I've done recently, or, better said...currently doing as neither of these are actually finished. I have to work out the trim around this cabinet and cut the aluminum back a bit so that I can actually close the doors.

On this I need to make something for that panel. I whipped up a shoji for the Japanese TV crew and decided to use it to make the shop a little nicer so on the weekends I put together a quick 'timber' frame using DF 4x4's of the highest quality that I could find at the big box.

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